Our Mission
Our journey has started first time in Adelaide inspired from our Hyderabadi Restuarant in India Serving clients from last 50 years, connected customers, created memorable cuisines and has lent authenticity to every dish served, every meal enjoyed making every dining experience a step towards a greater milestone.

The ‘New age offerings,’ the vibrant and warm service, the wide selection of global flavours, makes every dining experience truly “special.”

Our restaurant elegant ambience, the uniquely crafted recipes, the refinement in personalised service where each customer is treated with love
and care, the vibrancy in the carefully curated menu has been a part of our passion to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

We have created new paradigms in the hospitality industry, by successfully translating the passion for good food into creating dishes
that has culminated into fantastic dining experiences.

SHAHI ZAIQA has been consistently providing world-class cuisine at affordable prices.

Our mission will always be to put this “passion on to your plate” and make you a part of our family as we reach for our next milestone!